Linguistic Institute summer schools, sponsored by Linguistic Society of America, have been held since 1928. This is the largest educational event in linguistics. The purpose of the Institute is to “provide advanced training in linguistics that is not readily available through the regular course offerings of any single academic institution.” Over the years, the Institute has been held at a diverse array of universities and colleges, primarily in the U.S. The 2017 Linguistic Institute took place at the University of Kentucky, Lexington from July, 5 to August, 1. The topic of the Institute was «Language across space and time». Over 70 courses, 13 workshops and 8 public lectures were offered to students. The 2017 LSA Summer Institute also held four student poster sessions.

The MLexT member Maria Kyuseva took part in this exciting event. She attended several courses on sign linguistics, syntax and phonology, and gave a poster presentation on the topic «Size and shape specifiers in sign languages: a methodology for data collection».