ICLC is the biennial conference of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association. The 14th meeting of the Association took place in Tartu, Estonia in the middle of summer 2017. The special theme of ICLC-14 was ‘Linguistic Diversity and Cognitive Linguistics’, and its goal was to promote the application of Cognitive Linguistic theory for a wide range of languages and to encourage contributions from different languages and language families.

MLexT members gave several talks at the conference: Ekaterina Rakhilina together with Anastasia Vyrenkova and Vladimir Plungian shared results of the study on semantic peculiarities of the Russian perception verb ‘look’ and the typical patterns it is involved in in Russian and English; Ekaterina Rakhilina, Daria Ryzhova and Tatiana Reznikova gave a talk on grammaticalization of qualitive words in several Slavic languages; Kristina Bagdasaryan and Tatiana Reznikova presented a project on the typological account of the verbs of extraction.