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Issues in Computational Linguistics

Выступление на Международной научной конференции «Проблемы компьютерной лингвистики»

MLexT members presented at the Conference “Issues in Computational Linguistics” in Voronezh, Russia (13-14 March 2015) on statistical techniques of lexical typological research, semantic field of falling, adjective ‘viscous’ in typological perspective.

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Lecture by Ekaterina Rakhilina at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

23 March 2015 E. Rakhinina took part in a workshop ‘Verbs, verb phrases, and verbal categories’, which was organised  by professors Eitan Grossman  and Lea Sawicki at the Department of Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She made a presentation about the typology of the verbs with a meaning of falling.

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