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Lecture by Ekaterina Rakhilina: Lexical Typology. How we do it

This lecture considers the main approaches to the problems of lexical and semantic typology. It presents the results and on-going projects of the Moscow Lexical Typology group (MLexT). The lines of research covered include: typology of aquamotion, rotation verbs, pain predicates, sound metaphors, physical qualities (such as sharp-blunt, wet, full-empty, rough-even), and falling verbs. Special emphasis will be placed the semantics and lexical coding of falling as well as the practical concerns of lexical typological research.

Lecture by Ekaterina Rakhilina at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

23 March E. Rakhinina took part in a workshop ‘Verbs, verb phrases, and verbal categories’, which was organised  by professors Eitan Grossman  and Lea Sawicki at the Department of Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She made a presentation about the typology of the verbs with a meaning of falling.

Conference at the University of Helsinki

On December 1-3, 2014 a workshop on lexical typology was held at the University of Helsinki. The event was organized by students and lecturers from HSE Faculty of Humanities specializing in fundamental and computer linguistics.  MSU students and staff members of Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences also took part in the workshop, with the participants presenting their projects.